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Catering Services

  As a very large mid-range business chain hotel, GreenTree Inn offers guests a low-cost and professional service. The price of most rooms ranges from 160 yuan to 220 yuan. It has become the number one in the country. A tasteful, cost-effective business chain hotel. The hotel is equipped with a breakfast room, conference room, business center, gym, book bar, etc. Some hotels are rated as 3 star hotels by the Tourism Bureau. GreenTree Inn, just feel it!


  Super Healthy Green Tree Inn

  In dealing with customers, pay full attention to the details of customers' needs for healthy living, from energy-saving and environmentally friendly design, choice of healthy air-conditioning, quietness of rooms, to the procurement of green food and the production of healthy food, and the use of green decorative materials. Recycling of items and reducing the use of detergents reflect GreenTree Inn's great respect for human nature and are committed to providing guests with a healthy travel and living space. In dealing with employees, GreenTree Inn is a big family, paying attention to the healthy development of each employee, and is committed to creating a family-like working atmosphere and carrying out a variety of cultural and sports activities. GreenTree Inn is committed to paying attention to the physical and mental health of all employees. Employees provide a healthy working space.


  Super comfortable

  From the ergonomic point of view, from the ergonomic point of view, from the provision of high and low pillows, bathroom design, restaurant environment, service supplies and purchase of cotton products, high-speed cable fiber laying, to the entire hotel color to give guests comfort Feel. In dealing with employees, paying attention to the comfort of employees, from the green working environment to the staff canteen diet, staff quarters, GreenTree Inn is committed to creating a warm and comfortable working environment for employees.

  Super value

  As a business chain hotel, GreenTree Inn is committed to providing guests with value-added services, from guest room catering to some self-service facilities necessary for living. Guests only need to pay the price of a budget hotel. To the service of the super value high star business hotel. In dealing with employees, the company pays attention to the spiritual needs of employees, helps employees to develop career plans, and provides a platform for development to help employees realize their value in life, so that every employee at GreenTree Inn will have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


  Super Expect GreenTree Inn

  In dealing with customers, GreenTree Inn is deeply researching the needs and expectations of business travellers, such as the pursuit of leisure and living comfort, and then let the guests through the exquisite room and catering design, the provision of convenient service facilities, and the attention of employees to the details of the service. There are feelings beyond their actual expectations, namely the expectation of two stars, the experience of five stars. The hotel also hires guests as a quality quality supervisor to fully understand the needs of the guests and then provide continuous improvement services to exceed expectations. As a fast-growing international brand, GreenTree Inn is a platform for continuous learning, innovation and rapid development. Working in GreenTree Inn, each employee's growth will be much higher than their actual psychological expectations. GreenTree Inn is a responsible company. The company pursues "integrity management" and fulfills its commitment to social responsibility by providing customers and employees with services that exceed their expectations. In terms of project selection, based on the rational use of social resources, the professional team promotes the function of the property, saving "social resources" and committing to create a responsible and healthy social image.


  Company goals

  GreenTree Inn's goal is to provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products and services that are "super healthy, super comfortable, super value, super expectation". Each GreenTree Inn hotel offers guests a large and comfortable Simmons bed, quiet rooms, strong and stable independent silent air conditioning, all-day hot bath, high-speed fiber optic Internet access, eye protection desk lamp and large desk, multi-functional business center. High-quality bedding and toiletries, etc., so that every business traveler enjoys a "quiet, healthy, friendly and comfortable" space.

  Company commitment

  Let our customers have a quiet sleep, a healthy nutritious breakfast that will keep you energized every day.

  I hope GreenTree Inn will always be with you on your journey!

  GreenTree Inn Jinjing Avenue Branch

  Green trees: Green trees are the "tree of life" in the desert. They are deeply rooted, leafy and lush, giving hope, showing strong vitality and strong cohesion. This green tree of GreenTree Inn is a warm “home” for business travelers. It is a high-quality platform for employees to learn and grow. It is a good cornerstone for the development of affiliated partners and a safe haven for guests, employees and franchisees.

  uLogo Interpretation: The smooth ellipse combines “green tree” with “GreenTree Inn”, which means comfortable and harmonious, and achieves multi-win: GreenTree Inn provides customers with “super healthy, super comfortable, super value, super expectation” hotel service. The concept of the product allows all guests staying at the GreenTree Inn chain to experience healthy, warm and value-for-money services; GreenTree Inn creates a fair and transparent growth environment to help employees gain competence and career development. GreenTree Inn continuously establishes and perfects the system for franchisees and creates rich returns. GreenTree Inn protects resources, saves resources, and rationally utilizes resources to make contributions to society.

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