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Development path

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Development path

The predecessor of Shandong Weitong Group is Zichuan City, a joint transportation company of Zibo City. Under the system of planned economy, the internal mechanism is not rationalized and becomes the bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises. The debt of more than 8 million yuan makes enterprises difficult. On November 25, 1997, the company successfully restructured and established Zibo Weitong Transportation Co., Ltd., becoming the first enterprise in the province's transportation system to be completely reformed.

  After the restructuring, Zibo Weitong Transportation Co., Ltd. faced the market and made a difficult trek. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Weigang, first of all, on the basis of the original coal transportation business, the company has increased the business of coal purchasing and sales agency. At the same time, based on the scale of the original Shunchuan company, it actively revitalized idle assets and put its own repair workshop. Changed to an auto repair shop, it was put into operation on August 18, 1999, and it has done its best to make the best use of it. In September 2000, in order to adapt to the economic development of Luanchuan District, with the renovation and expansion of Luanchuan Garment City, the original office building of No. 2 Yucheng Road was transformed into Tianlun Hotel, achieving a win-win situation of economic and social benefits. . In the process of leading the company out of the predicament, Chairman Zhang Weigang creatively implemented the “park to market” strategy, enhanced the vitality of the company, mobilized the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the employees, and gradually increased the economic benefits, paying off less than three years. All the arrears have made a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy become the "leader" of the city's transportation system. However, these did not satisfy Zhang Weigang, the chairman of the company. He deeply realized that it is difficult to establish a firm foothold in the market competition by running transportation alone. It is necessary to proceed from reality, emancipate the mind, change the concept, and adhere to the "one." The business strategy is based on industry, diversified operations, jumping out of transportation and seeking development, and putting the project into the project as an important means of economic development, and promoting the rapid economic growth of the company. Decisions have been made, and what is put into practice is implementation.

  ——In July 2002, Zhang Weigang, the chairman of the company, made a bold decision, jumped out of the transportation and seeks development, adjusted the industrial structure, and invested 15 million yuan to set up Zibo Ruiqi Special Glass Co., Ltd., from the construction of the plant to the installation and commissioning of the equipment. In 83 days, the high borosilicate glass products with advanced level in the same industry in China, that is, put into production, realized the transformation of the company from social service industry to product manufacturing. This is the first product manufacturing enterprise in the history of Weitong's development. It was the largest investment and fastest-growing project at that time. It realized the transformation from service industry to product manufacturing and became a new starting point in the development history of Weitong Group. An important turning point. Now, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weitong Group, Zibo Ruiyi Special Glass Co., Ltd., with the support of a strong group backing, has experienced more than ten years of development and has grown into a domestic industry in the field of high borosilicate glass manufacturing. The star-studded company has become the leading company in the field of special-shaped borosilicate glass manufacturing. It has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. According to the unified deployment of the group, Ruiqi Glass Co., Ltd. is committed to further stretching the industry. The chain has made great strides in the field of high-end, sophisticated and sophisticated end products, and strives to become the leading enterprise in domestic borosilicate glass manufacturing within five years, and to become the pillar industry of the Group and enhance its core competitiveness.

  —— On October 21, 2003, Zibo Weitong Huatai Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. was established, becoming the first company in the city to specialize in importing high-end cars, adding another fire to the auto sales market in Zibo City. The automobile sales industry in our city has reached a new level. In 2006, it became the exclusive store of Subaru brand sedan in Zibo City, and received the SOC authorization card at the National Distributors Conference. In May 2007, through the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Zibo Weitong Huatai Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. changed its name to Zibo Weitong Subaru Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. to enhance the popularity of Weitong Group and Subaru brand vehicles.

  ——From 2002 to 2003, Chairman Zhang Weigang began to implement capital operation, and built 3,891 square meters of commercial and residential buildings in the original three repair workshops; 21,000 square meters of office buildings were built in the original six car sections. And the transportation of residential quarters; the acquisition of Zhangdian Baixin Footwear Building, the original Hongshan Town Broadcasting Building and the former Zichuan District Industrial Supply and Marketing Company Building. The development of real estate has solved the problem of insufficient funds in the development of the company; the smart capital operation has achieved low-cost expansion and enhanced the social reputation of Weitong.

  —— On May 17, 2004, with the approval of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the company was renamed “Shandong Weitong Industrial Group Co., Ltd.” and the company successfully completed the second restructuring. The establishment of Shandong Weitong Group has played the cadenza movement of Weitong's pioneering and innovative development song, which is the best embodiment of coordinated, rapid and sustainable development of the company. Since then, Shandong Weitong Group has stood at a new starting point and achieved new development, setting a new milestone in the development of Weitong.

  Scientific innovation

  Since the second restructuring, in the fierce market competition, Weitong people have not stopped exploring, adhered to the road of “exploitation, innovation, capital operation, and diversified development”, rationally implemented capital operation, and accelerated the pace of industrial restructuring. The scale of operations has been continuously expanded and the comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced. It has absorbed a number of excellent assets, injected new vitality into the company, expanded the scale of the group company and enhanced its overall competitiveness.

  ——In early 2004, in order to give full play to the advantages of transportation enterprises, Weitong Group focused on the development of logistics industry, and strived to expand the “cake” of logistics industry, hired well-known logistics experts in Shanghai to formulate planning and design plans, and build Weitong Logistics Park. This is an important development strategy for building a large circulation pattern based on the location advantages, industrial advantages and development advantages of the Zichuan District. Although it has not been constructed according to the planning and design plan affected by the national land policy, in recent years, the decision makers of Weitong Group have always regarded Weitong Logistics Park as one of the main construction projects.

  The development of logistics parks; the development of large-scale transportation, large-scale and special-type object transportation has become the development advantage of independent innovation. On August 28, 2007, the refinery equipment for the national key project, Sinopec Qingdao Large Refining Project, was rewritten. The Zibo transportation record has created the first Zibo. Now it has become a regional logistics center integrating cargo loading, special line transportation, vehicle maintenance, driver training, accident vehicle demolition and damage, and auto parts supermarket. On this basis, Weitong Group will expand and build warehousing, building materials processing, packaging base and logistics management distribution center. At present, the logistics park expansion plan is being designed.

  On October 24, 2004, Shandong Dalong Electric Power Co., Ltd., which had been suspended for half a year, revitalized nearly 60 million yuan of assets and resumed production in just 22 days. The role of four or two dials has emerged. The use of capital operation to acquire Dalong Power Company has not only successfully saved the loss-making enterprises, but also expanded the scale of the operation of the group companies. More importantly, the formation of industrial chains based on power plants, coal, glass manufacturing, Heating and steam supply, power generation, formed a complete production chain, and built a perfect pattern of industrial development.

  —— On July 1, 2005, the Luanchuan Tianlun Senior Apartment was opened and put into operation. This is the first privately-run elderly welfare service institution in Zichuan District, which is concerned about the social welfare undertakings for the elderly, investing 4.2 million yuan in construction and management, and was approved by the civil affairs department. The investment in the construction of non-profit elderly apartments is still rare in the city, which also marks another step in the group's economic and social benefits. The elderly apartment has won the trust and praise of the society with the complete service facilities and high-quality nursing medical services. It has been rated as a non-enterprise integrity unit of the whole citizen and enjoys a good reputation in the society. The news media has repeatedly made typical reports on the socialization services of the elderly apartments for the elderly. The leaders of the provincial, municipal and district social labor security departments have visited the elderly apartments many times to inspect and guide the work, and highly praised and praised the elderly apartments.

  ——In 2005, the company invested 30 million yuan to acquire the real estate of the former City Green Island Trading Co., Ltd. and the Municipal Garment Research Institute by means of bidding. On the basis of full investigation and demonstration, it decided to develop and construct in the golden section of the city center. Broadening the industrial development channels and entering the real estate development is a very important strategic development step of Weitong Group. This will expand the scale of operations, accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, enhance the comprehensive economic strength, enhance the social image of the group companies, and promote the rapid coordination of enterprises. Sustainable development has very important practical significance.

  ——In August 2006, using the capital operation, the company acquired Zibo Kelida Plastic Co., Ltd. and successfully realized the shareholding holding. Incorporating Weitong's corporate culture, improving internal management, and revitalizing a company that has suffered serious losses and has ceased production, the group company has added a new industry.

  —— On December 1, 2006, the groundbreaking ceremony of Weitong International Business Building, which received much attention from all walks of life, was held at the construction site. Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee Chen Jiajin, Director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau Wang Yongxin, and District Head Liu Dongjun of Xichuan District The leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony, and various brother units, news media and people from all walks of life came to congratulate. At present, the Weitong International Business Building under construction covers an area of ??6,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ??57,000 square meters. It is estimated to invest 150 million yuan. The sister buildings of the composite building are 25 stories high and 27 floors high. It is identified as one of the ten key projects in Zibo City. After the completion of the project, it will guide and promote the urban construction of Zibo City to a higher level, and will play a positive role in promoting the economy and culture of Zibo City.

  ——In April 2007, the company invested 56 million yuan to acquire the real estate of the former Suichuan troops. There are 9 real estates in the city, including 6 in the Luanchuan District, including 5 in Songling Road and 1 in the west of Luanchuan Cultural Square. They are all prime places in the city of Luanchuan. There are 3 camps outside the urban area of ??the North of the Luanchuan Overpass. . The total land area is 227 mu and the construction area is 43365 square meters. The acquisition of military real estate is a rare opportunity, and it has also brought a good development opportunity to Weitong Group, which has greatly enhanced the overall economic strength and social reputation of the group company. This not only injects new vitality into the development and construction of the urban area of ??Luanchuan, but also adds unlimited business opportunities to the development of Weitong Group.

  ——In 2008, Weitong Real Estate Development Branch was established with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. The company has comprehensive capabilities from planning and design, land acquisition and demolition, and construction management. The company has always adhered to the market-oriented, development-focused, business-oriented, quality-based development philosophy. Focus on the market and actively seek to explore a business model that is compatible with the market mechanism. Take the road of branding.

  ——From 2009 to 2011, it was mainly the construction and decoration of Weitong International Business Building; the construction of kiln furnace and the research and development of new products of Zibo Ruiyi Special Glass Co., Ltd. Enhance the brand and social influence of the Weitong Group.

  ——In 2012, Weitong Group established Zibo Jingnau International Trade Co., Ltd., which is a company with import and export rights endorsed by the State Administration of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. It mainly serves the export of products of subordinate units of the group company. , Asia, North America, several continents, extending the global sales and service network, improving supply chain management capabilities, realizing the transformation from traders to supply chain managers, and striving to achieve enterprise on the basis of “bigger, stronger, better” The foundation is evergreen!

  ——In November 2013, Zibo Haolai Property Service Co., Ltd. was established. The company is located at No. 107 Jinjing Avenue, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan. Business scope: property management, house leasing, clothing, shoes and hats, hotel management , daily necessities and other projects.

  The property service target is mainly Weitong International Business Building (Central International Plaza) with a total area of ??55466M2. The main services include: fire protection, elevator, greening, water, electricity, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, gas boiler, pipeline maintenance, order maintenance, Management of sanitary cleaning, underground parking lots, and collection of property fees.

  ——In March 2014, GreenTree Inn Zibo Jinjing Avenue Store was officially opened. The hotel has 136 rooms with a building area of ??6,000 square meters. It has a luxurious view room, a single room with a view, a luxurious, ordinary and special room. It is equipped with a multimedia conference room, gym and underground parking. The restaurant can accommodate more than 100 people at the same time. Eat at the same time. It is a business-type wine that is a place to stay and eat.

  The goal of GreenTree Inn Zibo Jinjing Avenue is to provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products and services that are “super healthy, super comfortable, super value and super expectation”. Provide each guest with a large and comfortable Simmons bed, quiet rooms, all-day hot bath, high-speed fiber optic Internet access, delicious nutritious breakfast, high-quality bedding and bathroom amenities, etc.; Distinguished guests really feel the price of a budget hotel, the enjoyment of a star hotel! Enjoy a "quiet, healthy, friendly and comfortable" space!

  ----On November 17, 2016, Din Tai Fung Food Plaza was officially opened. Ding Tai Feng Food Plaza is Zibo's first community-service food court, actively spreading the concept of nutritious meals and healthy food, enhancing the scientific dietary awareness of Zibo people and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Let the general public eat delicious, eat healthy and eat environmentally friendly. Ding Tai Feng Food Plaza is affiliated to Shandong Weitong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. This is another masterpiece of the Group's innovative development, transformation and upgrading under the new economic normal. mountain

  ----In October 2017, Zibo Weiwei Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. was grandly opened. This is another major breakthrough in the field of automobile sales of Shandong Weitong Group, marking the official entry of the domestic automobile brand Beacon into the Zibo market. The new expansion is not about competition, but the pursuit of common growth of customer and corporate value, opening up a new, non-competitive market space.

  After 20 years of hard work, from a bankrupt enterprise to a total of 2,000 employees, the total registered capital of 120 million yuan, total assets of 750 million yuan, the provincial key enterprise group, has become a multi-industry, high-tech Well-known enterprises. From the original single transportation industry to a cross-industry development integrating glass manufacturing, real estate development, transportation, plastic processing, automobile sales and service, automobile maintenance, international trade, driver training, catering services and social welfare undertakings. Large enterprise group. Achieved the leapfrog development of Shandong Weitong Group. And has won the "Chinese enterprise integrity management demonstration unit", "AAA-level credit enterprise", the city's advanced enterprises in building integrity enterprises, the city's civilized integrity double hundred units, the city's coal business integrity enterprises, the city's advanced road traffic safety units, The city's labor security integrity unit, the advanced unit of the business and circulation industry in Zichuan District, and other honorary titles, has made remarkable achievements, showing the charm and strength of a new Weitong to the world.