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 Zibo Weitong Transportation Co., Ltd. has the national second-class transportation qualification, passed the national standard ISO9001 quality management system certification, and undertakes freight, passenger transportation, hazardous chemicals and large-size transportation, mainly engaged in transportation of large and special mechanical equipment, lifting, less-than-truckload, distribution, etc. Business, is committed to providing planning, transportation solutions and transportation services for large special equipment companies.

  The company's most professional large-size transportation program to minimize transportation costs and meet customers' higher requirements for transportation services is our service tenet. The company can undertake large-scale transportation business all over the country. The company owns various special vehicles and can undertake ordinary cargo transportation, engineering machinery equipment transportation, bridge transportation, large-scale chemical equipment transportation, and sentence-type super-large parts transportation. It provides the best transportation design for over-constrained cargo transportation consultation and transportation. It is a special transportation enterprise with over-length, ultra-wide, super-high and overweight items in China.

  Address: No. 2 Jianshe Road, Zichuan District, Zibo City (200 meters west of Luanchuan Overpass)

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