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Driver training

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Driver training

  Zibo Weitong Motor Vehicle Driving Training Co., Ltd. is a regular driving school approved by the Shandong Provincial Communications Department. It has a history of professional car driver training for nearly 30 years. There are 24 coaches, including 16 C1 pickup trucks, 3 B2 liberation trucks, 3 Santana coaches, 2 Elysee coaches, and 3 service vehicles. There are theoretical classrooms and standardized training venues, and the teaching facilities are complete; the training needs of each examination subject are met; all 27 coaches are qualified by the Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation training and issued a coaching certificate. Strong faculty and strong coaching ability. In the quality and reputation assessment of the standardized driving school in Zibo City, it was rated as a 3A standardized driving school.

  Zibo Weitong Motor Vehicle Driving Training Co., Ltd. stresses credibility, quality, training standards, strict management, in-depth training in teaching, eliminates the phenomenon of eating, taking, card, and demand, so that students can learn with peace of mind and exercise peace of mind. We adhere to the business philosophy of "all for the students, all serve the students", and hold four types of training courses, such as daytime, amateur weekends, pre-test training, and skill-enhanced timekeeping.


  Special service:

  1, with the report, start on time, timely exams, do not postpone the exam.

  2, in order to facilitate the majority of students to open amateur weekend classes, training time: 12:00-1:30 for noon amateur class, 16:30-18:30 for evening training time, road training to use weekends.

  3. For the convenience of students and service students, the shuttle bus will be provided free of charge to the training test of Luzhong Teaching Center. All are welcome to register and study.

  Learning to drive a car to choose Weitong Driving School is your ideal choice. With the first-class teachers, first-class management and first-class teaching facilities, Weitong Driving School sincerely welcomes all students.

  Address: No. 2 Jianshe Road, Zichuan District, Zibo City (North of 200 meters west of the overpass of Xichuan District)

  Registration hotline: +86+533-5182798 13606435643