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Social welfare

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Social welfare

  Shandong Weitong Group Tianlun Senior Apartment is a three-star old-age care institution approved by the civil affairs department. In 2012, it was rated as the “excellent old-age apartment” in the city. It is a place for the elderly to build and live.

  The total investment of the apartment is 5.2 million yuan. The total floor area is 5,770 square meters. It has high-end single rooms, double rooms, common quadruple rooms and multi-person rooms. There are 48 rooms with a total of 103 beds. Nursing is divided into three levels: self-care, semi-self-care, and self-care.


  This apartment is rich in the amateur cultural life of the elderly, regularly organizing cultural events and forming a sunset red choir. In addition, my apartment has a medical rehabilitation center, reading room, chess room, gym and restaurant. Allowing the elderly to stay away from home can solve physical and mental health problems.

  Each room has a TV, electric fan, wardrobe, bed and bedside table, TV cabinet, dining table, dining chair and other configurations. Meal: The daily three meals are not repeated, and the small stove can be reserved according to the tastes and eating habits of the elderly. Make the elderly live comfortably and enjoy the food.

  The apartment is managed by a hotel. The specially trained nursing staff provides quality care for the elderly. Checking the room once an hour every day truly reflects the 24-hour personal and intimate service.


  In the past seven years, under the correct leadership of the leadership of Shandong Weitong Group Co., Ltd., with the strong support of the municipal and district authorities, the apartment has always adhered to the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to respect the elderly and love the old, and adhere to the tenet of “the elderly are the supreme, the service is the first”. Continuous improvement of facilities, learning and accumulation of experience has become one of the large-scale pension institutions in Zibo City.

  We sincerely invite people from all walks of life to visit, exchange and guide our apartment. I also hope that more elderly friends will come to my apartment to spend the rest of my life!

  The concept of respecting the elderly: the elderly are supreme, service first

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