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Firmly confident to complete the goal, take the opportunity to set sail and seek transformation

  Firmly confident to complete the goal, take the opportunity to set sail and seek transformation

Firmly confident to complete the goal. Steadily set sail for transformation. On March 15, the management meeting in February was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the group company. The main topic of this meeting is to report the completion of production and operation indicators in February; each unit analyzes the current market conditions and difficulties in production and operation, and explains the measures to be taken; the group company Zhang Wei Zhang puts forward the next work focus Claim.

  The meeting firstly informed the director of the financial review department about the income, profit and referral of all units in February and the completion of the indicators. Then, the grassroots units and agencies and departments reported the priorities of the work in February, especially in the production, operation and management process. Problems and work arrangements for the next step. After listening to the report, Mr. Zhang said: The completion of the production and operation indicators of all units in February was generally not ideal. The reasons for the failure are many, including the reasons for the Spring Festival, the reasons for the market, and the reasons for the funds. These reasons are indeed objective. During this period, the units also did a lot of work and tried to make up for the losses. Temporary losses, short-term failure to complete the indicators is not terrible, but also in line with the natural laws of the economy and society.

  Mr. Zhang put forward several questions on the completion of production and operation indicators: First, as the person in charge of each unit, do you put the production and operation indicators in the supreme position? Operating a business is not a charity. Pursuing profit is its nature, and it is understandable. Only when profits are made can social responsibility and employee happiness be discussed. All actions of the enterprise are carried out around profits. The act of not directly or indirectly creating profits is invalid labor. Therefore, the responsible person of each unit is required to put the production and operation indicators in the first place, and everything is the direction. The second question, do you have confidence in the completion of production and operation indicators? The completion of the indicators and the success or failure of the company depend to a large extent on the person in charge of the unit. If even the person in charge of the unit has no confidence, how can we bring out a team that dares to fight and dare to go ahead. Some people open their mouths to talk about the downturn in the market, talk about the difficulties at any time and place, and subconsciously find excuses for their own failures. Over time, the indicators are not taken for granted. Therefore, your confidence is of the utmost importance. If you give full play to your leading role, you will find ways to achieve the set goals.

  The third question, is the profit model and management model of the enterprise in line with the current market environment and the requirements of the times? Most of our companies are affiliated with traditional industries, and our profit model and management model have not changed for many years. We must not only bury our heads, but also look up the road to see if the market environment has changed, to see if there is a new institutional policy, and then see if the customer's needs have been upgraded or not. If there is a change, do we keep up with the changes of the times. Nowadays, the state proposes supply-side reforms and proposes “to de-capacity, de-stocking, deleveraging, cost reduction, and short-boarding”, mainly for traditional industries, which require these enterprises to adapt to new demands through reform and innovation. Therefore, if the profit model needs to be changed, it must be changed, otherwise it will eventually be eliminated; if it does not need to be changed, it is necessary to innovate the management model, formulate practical measures, enhance profitability and increase new growth points. Mr. Zhang continued: The purpose of asking these questions is to hope that you should be mindful and grasp the main direction of your work; you must strengthen your confidence and lead the team to start a business; you must recognize the environment and take correct measures. Although the group companies face various difficulties, in general, they have improved from last year. Several projects of the group company are negotiating and are gradually moving forward. We hope that we can act as soon as possible. Through reasonable and effective operation, we can alleviate the situation of tight capital, and we can also explore and adjust the industrial structure of the company. The first is the theme hotel project and the Xiaozhuang 4S shop project. The preliminary construction and construction negotiations are nearing completion, and the construction and construction contract can be signed in the near future. In terms of the operation of the theme hotel, the group company intends to use the Internet + and adopt the O2O operation mode to create a "one-stop wedding service" platform. By then, this project will become an innovation leader in the Zibo wedding industry and the theme banquet industry. The second is the commercial operation project of Weitong International Business Building. The group company has inspected some business forms according to its own advantages and characteristics. Among them, the construction culture square will sign a cooperation letter of intent in the near future to conduct further prospect analysis and profitability discussion.

  Of course, the group company does not rule out the introduction of a business format that is more suitable for its own business. The third is the reconstruction of the original eight-car project of Hongshan Town. The group company repositioned according to the overall urban planning and explored the development model of the combination of residential and commercial. The floor plan has been completed and will be communicated with relevant government departments in the near future. The cooperation and investment work has also been basically finalized, and it is expected to start construction in a short period of time. The fourth is the dangerous goods transportation project. The group company makes full use of its own resources, revitalizes existing assets and seeks cooperative operation. At present, the new office space has been renovated, personnel and facilities are basically in place, the cooperation agreement is about to be signed, and it is expected to be put into operation in the near future. The Group has fully considered its own conditions and operation cycle in the operation of these projects, and strives to complete development and gain in a short period of time. Therefore, if the units can complete the production and operation indicators issued by the group company, or make breakthroughs, this year's development situation will be significantly better than in previous years. In order to ensure the completion of the indicators, the Group has strict performance appraisal and established a business supervision department. The specific functions and operational methods have just been introduced. It is required that all units, especially the main responsible persons, must attach great importance to the relevant work. In response to the next step, Mr. Zhang put forward several requirements: First, establish a sense of purpose and responsibility, and regard production and operation indicators as the top priority of the work, and regard the completion of the indicators as their first responsibility. The second is to improve execution and work efficiency, strengthen the construction of corporate processes and organizational structure, and reduce unnecessary links and internal friction.

  The third is the innovative management model, especially the marketing model, which studies customer needs and increases new profit growth points. The fourth is to increase learning and training, and strengthen the construction of corporate culture. While doing a good job in production and management, we must strengthen the construction of our own culture and advocate positive energy from beginning to end. The fifth is to do a good job of safety and ensure the stable development of the company. Since the group company involves many industries and many people, it is necessary to do safe work according to the actual characteristics of each enterprise, and put the safety work into practice, which is reflected in the details. Other leaders attending the meeting also summarized and arranged the work of the in charge.